Winter Beauty



Sprays of wattle and eucalyptus were used to decorate the tables at the Newstead  community lunch recently.

The lunch which is prepared by volunteers, is open to all members of the community.

Once a week people from Newstead and the surrounding district come together to eat a two course vegetarian meal, socialise and exchange news.

As a volunteer, I find it very satisfying to stand in the kitchen and look across the contented diners out through the large windows of the community centre to the elm trees in the street.

If you are in Newstead on a Wednesday at 12.30pm and you can smell the aromas of cooking wafting out of the community centre, come on in!


6 Responses

  1. What a soothing drawing, Margaret! I really love these colors!

    • Thank you, Lori. The brightness of the yellow contrasts with the more subtle greens.

  2. Wattle in winter never fails to cheer my heart Margaret, and your beautiful drawing captures it so well. That’s an excellent community centre at Newstead, wish there was one like that around here!

    • Yes, the yellow of wattle brightens the gloom of July. The bushland is aglow with golden balls of brightness.

      Newstead, Castlemaine and Maldon all host community lunches at various venues.

  3. Beautiful drawing, Margaret.

    • Thank you. Making this drawing gave me a lot of pleasure. The shapes of the wattle and eucalyptus leaves were very similar. The colour of the leaves were slightly different though.

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