Charcoal Drawing: Treacherous Seas



After another hostile encounter with my neighbour, I felt all at sea in danger of  crashing onto jagged rocks. I needed guidance to bring me safely through the ordeal.

It has been a very stressful time both physically and emotionally. I have appreciated the wisdom and support of family and friends.


4 Responses

  1. So sorry about this negativity in your life, Margaret – good that you could release it in your art. Hope things have improved.

    • Yes Diane, things have improved as there has been no further contact since this incident. I have experienced many new things since moving to Castlemaine. The good experiences have out weighed the negative ones.

  2. Oh dear, Margaret! Such encounters are so disturbing. I remember well my very first post to my blog where our neighbor and my husband got into a physical brawl! Then, when Daisy deer came into our lives, things began to change. Daisy moved back and forth on both properties (when we’d freed her) and both of us cared deeply about Daisy’s safety and presence. Now we are all friends, and have let the past go. A mutual concern and love for Daisy changed everything. Perhaps something will become the catalyst for change, which you both will welcome. It’s so exhausting to have difficulty in relationships. I’m sending positive vibes your way Margaret!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Lori. I am glad your relationship with your neighbour has changed through a shared concern for Daisy’s welfare.

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