Newstead Community Garden


Newstead Community Garden is situated behind the All Saints Anglican Church which donated the land for the garden.

People began to dig the garden in 2009 and its development has been guided by a garden plan based on a mandala. There are plots for individuals to till as well as communal beds.

Biodynamic and permaculture principles are used in the growing of fruit and vegetables.

The garden is a resource for the local community.

I attended an open air cooking class there last November.


There are quiet places to sit under the old peppercorn tree.




Beekeeping, a worm farm and a sheltered, warm space for plant propagation and seedling raising are some of the garden related activities.





All that love and attention have created a productive and colourful garden.



6 Responses

  1. It looks wonderful, and the principle is admirable. I’d love it if there was more of this type of thing near where I live. Love and attention needs to be the way to go.

    • Community gardens can be quite diverse. The Newstead garden is large and rural in its setting.

      The new community garden in Castlemaine is right in the middle of town and built on a carpark. Many of the beds are wooden fruit crates modified to be wicking beds.

  2. I’m a great believer in community gardens Margaret. Great that this one is using the principles which will ensure safe and productive gardening.

    • Yes, Enivea. Community gardens are a great expression of community spirit. A lot of knowledge and experience is shared in these gardens.

  3. Thanks! Such a fabulous, colorful and productive garden. I must admit that I have never sat under a peppercorn tree, though I would love to. 🙂

    • Peppercorn trees were a favourite planting in areas which experience hot, dry summers and unfavourable soil eg. hard, stony, clay. I think they must also be frost hardy. They have a weeping habit and develop characterful gnarled trunks and branches.

      There are many beautiful old specimens in the towns and cities of central Victoria.

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