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Newstead Community Garden
June 25, 2014


Newstead Community Garden is situated behind the All Saints Anglican Church which donated the land for the garden.

People began to dig the garden in 2009 and its development has been guided by a garden plan based on a mandala. There are plots for individuals to till as well as communal beds.

Biodynamic and permaculture principles are used in the growing of fruit and vegetables.

The garden is a resource for the local community.

I attended an open air cooking class there last November.


There are quiet places to sit under the old peppercorn tree.




Beekeeping, a worm farm and a sheltered, warm space for plant propagation and seedling raising are some of the garden related activities.





All that love and attention have created a productive and colourful garden.



Charcoal Drawing: State School No: 1124, Muckleford South
June 16, 2014


I have been wanting to draw this gem of a building for some time.

I decided yesterday, Sunday, was an ideal opportunity to fulfil this ambition.

It was a bitterly cold day so I was glad I could park the car directly in front of the old school and use it as my cosy studio whilst Katie snoozed on the back seat.

The school was built in 1871 of local sandstone rubble and red brick with a corrugated iron roof. The school had a single classroom and was typical of its era. It was built to serve the needs of a more densely populated rural district due to the gold rushes and people taking up small holdings.

The building ceased being used as a school in 1941 when it became a public hall. The school room had a single fireplace to provide heating and the blackboards have been retained.

I wonder when the corrugated iron annex with its own chimney was added (not shown in the drawing). Who on earth decided that was a good idea?


Rose Hill – Harcourt
June 6, 2014


Rose Hill is the last of the four gardens I visited on the 4th of November 2013.

As with the other gardens in this series, the garden surrounds a house built from local granite quarried at Mt. Alexander.

Rose Hill was built in 1906 and is testimony to the prosperity of the apple industry at the time.

In 1999, community opposition plus an historic tree in its grounds saved Rose Hill from demolition to make way for the new Calder Freeway.



Around the lake


By the wood pile art installation


Looking over the back gate



Ending by the granite garden wall