The Shield


Relations with one of my neighours continues to be difficult.

Once again I have used art to express my emotions about a recent incident.

This time I feel a strong need to defend myself and my home.



6 Responses

  1. Yes, Enivea. It will be interesting to see if the shield works in the near future.

  2. May your shield work fantastically Margaret. Let the dragon go into its cave and be quiet.

  3. I empathise. I hope the shield is helping.

    • Thank you. My friends and family have been very helpful in listening to my woes and offering counsel.

  4. No no! I have had difficulty with a couple of neighbors in my life and it is not a pleasant experience at all. I love the expression in your art. I hope there is a way to diffuse the fire from the wretched dragon neighbor!!

    • So do I, Lori. Making the drawing helped to clarify the action I needed to take next.

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