Mica Grange – Sutton Grange



I visited Mica Grange on Sunday, the 23rd of March.

The garden is situated on the slopes of Mt. Alexander giving panoramic views of  the Sutton Grange valley.

Mica Grange was the venue for a sculpture exhibition showcasing the talents of local sculptors.

The garden covers a rocky site littered with granite boulders.  It provides the setting for the garden art and sculptures which the owners have acquired over recent years.

The jams, chutneys and cordial for sale demonstrated the productiveness of the fruit trees and vegetables grown in raised beds and wine barrels.

The garden is thriving despite the dryness of the countryside after a long period without rain.

The horse’s head was one of the works on exhibit. Here are some more sculptures which were part of the exhibition:DSCN2785




Here are other views in and around the garden:










2 Responses

  1. What a lovely place! Even in the midst of the dry landscape, this little oasis of beauty shines! I found myself envious of those barrels used for gardening. Someone takes good care of the plant life.

    • Yes Lori, Mica Grange is an example of the resourcefulness of gardeners who live in difficult terrain with a testing climate.

      We’ve had the first good rain in a long time this week, and the country is now beginning to green up.

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