Rough Cuts – Print Making


I am attending a series of printmaking workshops, ‘rough cuts’.

So far we have been creating the plates for  the prints.

I have chosen to make  wood cuts of flowers based on my own drawings. Carving into wood is a new experience for me.


We are using laminated sheets of timber to make the wood cuts. The wood is given a wash of black ink so the carved design stands out.

Here are three designs, in various stages of completion, I have been working on:






I plan to create four  designs before we start printing.

The next stage will be the proof prints where we will make the first prints to see what refinements we might make to our designs.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you Enivea. I am looking forward to seeing what the first prints look like.

  2. You appear to have good control of your cutter Margaret, the designs look fabulous.!

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