Bress – winery and cidery


Bress is the second of the properties I visited in Harcourt on the 4th of November 2013.

The two main reasons for being there were to admire the substantial granite home built in 1987 and to enjoy lunch.

Bress was the only property where the 120 people who were enjoying the day’s visits to the four Harcourt gardens were gathered at the same time.

Bress has a modest  ornamental and productive garden with most of the land devoted to grape vines and apple trees.

Bress has fine views of Mt. Alexander.

I photographed the garden and orchard which unfortunately give no hint of the merriment derived from the drinking of wine and cider and the eating of good food.

The day’s event had been organised by the Anglican Parish of Castlemaine to raise funds for the completion of the Meditation Garden Project on Agitation Hill, Castlemaine.





6 Responses

  1. There’s merriment in those pretty images, Margaret. What a lovely place.

    • Yes, each of the properties we visited that day were in attractive settings. Bress is a good place to linger a while.

  2. It sounds a wonderful place Margaret, and I really like the stonework.

    • Thank you Enivea. The Harcourt Valley in the foothills of Mt. Alexander is very pretty. Bress is a popular destination and is unusual in that both wine and cider are produced on the property.

      Yes, I agree that the ‘random course’ stonework is attractive.

  3. Always fall in love with rose

    • Thank you. The pale grey of the granite is a wonderful background for the pink and red roses.

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