Monster Parsley

DSCN2724We don’t always get on with our neighbours.

I drew this picture after a recent skirmish with one of mine.

By making the drawing, I creatively expressed my emotions and was able to bring some humour into my experience of the situation.

The beauty of art therapy is we can freely express what we feel for a private audience – an audience of one.



6 Responses

  1. I might try this!

    • Yes, give it a go. The experience might be liberating.

  2. I like this “art therapy” since it is a kind way to express frustration or whatever emotion we are feeling. You gave me a good chuckle this morning. I love this piece of art! It expresses so much emotion!

    • Hi Lori, I am glad this picture gave you a laugh.

  3. I wonder Margaret, if I could use a similar technique to rid myself of an unwanted visitor? The slithery snake is still too close to the house for our comfort. Hoping your neighbour comes to their senses.

    • Thanks Enivea. Perhaps there is something close to your house which is attracting the snake?? Yes, you won’t be able to really relax until the snake moves a safe distance away.

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