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Bress – winery and cidery
February 26, 2014


Bress is the second of the properties I visited in Harcourt on the 4th of November 2013.

The two main reasons for being there were to admire the substantial granite home built in 1987 and to enjoy lunch.

Bress was the only property where the 120 people who were enjoying the day’s visits to the four Harcourt gardens were gathered at the same time.

Bress has a modest  ornamental and productive garden with most of the land devoted to grape vines and apple trees.

Bress has fine views of Mt. Alexander.

I photographed the garden and orchard which unfortunately give no hint of the merriment derived from the drinking of wine and cider and the eating of good food.

The day’s event had been organised by the Anglican Parish of Castlemaine to raise funds for the completion of the Meditation Garden Project on Agitation Hill, Castlemaine.




Monster Parsley
February 19, 2014

DSCN2724We don’t always get on with our neighbours.

I drew this picture after a recent skirmish with one of mine.

By making the drawing, I creatively expressed my emotions and was able to bring some humour into my experience of the situation.

The beauty of art therapy is we can freely express what we feel for a private audience – an audience of one.


Granite Lodge – Harcourt
February 9, 2014

DSCN2610This is the first of a series of open gardens I visited on the 4th of November, 2013 in Harcourt.

The gardens had been established around houses built of granite quarried locally at Mt. Alexander.

Granite Lodge was the earliest of the houses built in the 1860s by a gold miner, Bryan McMahon, who used his earnings to build himself, and his children, fine solid houses.

I enjoyed the story about how a horse dragging a large log, would be led into the kitchen through one set of doors, the log unhitched and rolled into the fire place, and then the horse led out through another set of doors in the opposite wall of the kitchen.

The current owners have created a rose garden on the site of the old dairy and grow vines for wine.

In the garden is a building, formerly used as a cellar and smoke house, set below ground level.






Collage: I Choose Joy
February 1, 2014


I awake

A heavy, grey mist enveloping me.

Slowly, slowly my mother is fading away.

My father struggles with pain

He struggles to remember the events of the morning

His grandchildren are strangers to him.

My uncle rails against the bitterness of infirmity

‘Oh Death, where is thy sting?’

My cousin, her father’s full time carer,  bears it patiently.

I reflect on the line

‘Old age isn’t for wimps’

In the mean time,

I choose Joy.

I  wrote this a few weeks before my mother died on the 16th of December 2013.

My father’s health and memory have improved since he entered aged care accommodation.