Lavandula – Shepherds Flat

DSCN2691The region between Daylesford, Yandoit  and Guildford was settled by Italian speaking Swiss who established farms and built in a distinctive style.

The current owner of this former dairy farm restored the 1860s stone buildings and created a European style garden centred around lavender and olive growing.

Situated near Daylesford, Lavandula is a popular destination with its shady groves of trees and its scenic views up to Mt. Franklin.

I visited Lavandula today, the 26th of January, while it is the lavender harvesting season. My niece couldn’t resist buying a bunch of fresh lavender for her mother.

I hope you enjoy the photographs especially of the geese which wandered around the grounds near the cafe hoping for tidbits from the tables.










2 Responses

  1. It looks a marvellous place Margaret! And those geese brought back memories of when I had a flock of them – and their antics! I hope these were better mannered than my gander 🙂

    • Yes, Enivea. The geese were happy to take an interest in what people were eating at the outdoor tables and generally being photogenic. One goose liked to strong eye you so it was established who was boss.
      Thankfully, the geese did not engage in antisocial behaviour such as rushing at visitors with outstretched wings.

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