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Lavandula – Shepherds Flat
January 26, 2014

DSCN2691The region between Daylesford, Yandoit  and Guildford was settled by Italian speaking Swiss who established farms and built in a distinctive style.

The current owner of this former dairy farm restored the 1860s stone buildings and created a European style garden centred around lavender and olive growing.

Situated near Daylesford, Lavandula is a popular destination with its shady groves of trees and its scenic views up to Mt. Franklin.

I visited Lavandula today, the 26th of January, while it is the lavender harvesting season. My niece couldn’t resist buying a bunch of fresh lavender for her mother.

I hope you enjoy the photographs especially of the geese which wandered around the grounds near the cafe hoping for tidbits from the tables.









The Forest Spirit
January 18, 2014

DSCN1567This is one from the archives.

I drew this picture using oil pastels during an art therapy workshop ‘Mandala Art and Music’ in 2008.

We were asked to respond to a piece of music representing the forest.

I feel a strong connection with this drawing depicting the forest spirit, The Green Man.

Bindara – Pastoria East
January 9, 2014


This friendly dog formed part of the welcoming committee to Bindara, a garden situated at the foot of the Cobaw Ranges near Kyneton.

I visited both Bindara and Rosebery Hill as part of the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival in September 2013.

The garden sits in a small valley featuring granite rocks, a small creek and a collection of birds and animals including deer.

I decided to include a photo of this fine emu as I guess readers from the northern hemisphere will be well and truly familiar with deer  – no novelty there.


Pea fowl roamed the grounds together with an assortment of bantam poultry which kept their distance.

I hope you enjoy wandering around Bindara as much as I did.







Gazing At The Moon
January 2, 2014


Gazing at the moon,

Singing to the stars,

We stare into the night,

Small specks on the face of this earth.DSCN2689