Mosaic: Fire


This is the third in the series of transparent mosaics I have made at Heart Art.

As I was making the mosaic, I was thinking of the fires which burnt in the Blue Mountains and around Sydney in October this year.

This time I have added photographs of the process of making the mosaic.DSCN2569


Ann provides a wide range of coloured and textured glass to choose from.

The glass pieces are cut to size using glass cutters.DSCN2575


A drawing of the design is placed under the glass base to use as a guide.

The glass pieces and the beads are stuck on using a clear glass glue.DSCN2577

Tiger tail is threaded through the hole in the top of the shape and beads added. Beading crimps hold it all in place so the mosaic can be hung. DSCN2684


6 Responses

  1. Great to see the process – thanks! Fire takes, and it gives….

    • Yes, Enivea, Fire is an agent for destruction and creation – the double edged sword.

  2. Just beautiful, Margaret!

    • Thank you, Dianne. The mosaic gives me a lot of pleasure.

  3. Oh, Margaret! This is my favorite mosaic yet! I love these fiery hues!

    • Hi Lori, There were many beautiful pieces of glass to choose from. My thoughts about the recent fires made the selection easier. I am glad you like this mosaic.

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