‘Tranquillo’ – A town garden


This is something new for me – a post featuring photographs of an open garden I visited recently here in Castlemaine.

It is the season for open gardens in this region and ‘Tranquillo’ is one of six I visited over two days during the week.

‘Tranquillo’ is in a street near where I live and has been created on a rocky block of land backing onto Forest Creek.

The money raised from the entrance fee, sale of plants and cakes and biscuits will be used to support Chewton swimming pool. This local small public facility is only being kept open through strong community support.

I hope you enjoy the photographs.





6 Responses

  1. Very enjoyable thank you Margaret!

    • Thank you Enivea, It takes determination and lots of garden savvy to make gardens around here. The ‘soil’ is clay, gravel or rock, there is drought, heat and frost to contend with, yet people create these works of beauty, calm and green.

  2. What a lovely little tour of photos! Have a wonderful day Margaret!

    • Thank you, Lori. Open gardens give me a lot of pleasure – there are no deer wandering around in them though.

  3. Wonderful photos, I also have clay soil in my garden 🙂 Annie

    • Thank you Annie, Gardeners are very resourceful people.

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