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Mosaic: Heart
October 31, 2013

DSCN2588This is the first of a series of 3 transparent mosaics I completed at workshops conducted by Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art.

I made the mosaics over a period of some years.

The heart mosaic has given me a lot of pleasure as it hangs in a window catching the light.


Charcoal Drawing: Ford Rd. Harcourt North
October 18, 2013

DSCN2539 The distance stretches out before me

Rolling away to far hills,

Faint puffs of cloud hang still in the sky.

It can be tough living up on this ridge being buffeted by the four winds

Exposed to heat and snow,

Yet, I envy those who drink in this view each day.

Monday, 7th October 2013.


Charcoal Drawing: Rocky Hills
October 10, 2013

DSCN2550Rocks tumbling down hillsides

Over friendly flies

Bright sunshine

Quiet beauty

Niece waiting for butter biscuits.

Cairn Curran Reservoir, Baringhup

Friday, 4th October, 2013