Collage: Dancing in the Rainbow


Dancing in the rainbow

Our bodies smile with joy

Our hearts sing their delight

Blissfully, we are united in the dance.

Dancing in the Rainbow is one of the Qi Gong exercises we do in the final 15 minutes of the Tai Chi for Arthritis class I attend. It is one of my favourite exercises.


In this picture which combines collage and drawing, I have depicted my old friend and companion, Spotty, who died on the 24th of July.



Perhaps one day, we will be united in the dance once more.


  A new canine companion has entered my life and so, I commence my journey with Katie.


I have included this card, which was given to me by a friend on my 60th birthday, as it has a rainbow and I laughed when I read it.



10 Responses

  1. Yes, Diane, Katie is lovely and has settled in very well. She is a fine new companion with her own unique charm.

  2. Katie is lovely and this post so hopeful. Belated condolences on your loss of Spotty, and thank you for offering your love to a new little friend. Blessings.

  3. awesome Margaret!!! What a ride connecting with you through this post:) Lots of Love Lizzie xx

  4. Hmm, a flatulent unicorn!! I LOVE it!! So sorry to hear about losing Spotty. Katie is quite a poser, and I look forward to hearing more about her. She looks like a little fox!

    • I am glad the farting unicorn is creating amusement, Lori.

      Katie who is about a year old, is quite playful and loves the cat toys in the house. She particularly likes the toy mice.

  5. Gee Margaret, you’ve taken me on a ride with this one! Commiserations on the loss of your dear friend Spotty. I’m pretty sure you’ll be dancing together again. Welcome to Katie, who looks like she really wants to please you 🙂
    I have a Unicorn brooch, and now I’ll be thinking about farts when I wear it!!

    • Yes, Enivea, this post is a bit strange with its combination of the joy of dancing in the rainbow and sadness at the death of Spotty.
      Spotty’s death was unexpected. Neither the vet or I realised he had a terminal disease until he was dying.
      It is strange being without my long time companion but the dance is the life we shared.
      Like Spotty, Katie is a shelter animal and she needed a chance to have a stable home.

  6. All very lovely. I love rainbows and unicorns, albeit farting rainbow ones! Welcome to Kate, she looks utterly gorgeous. Love and Hugs. xx

    • Thank you, Lynette. I thought the card was funny as it gave a new twist to our associations with unicorns and rainbows.
      Katie is making herself quite at home although she is still frightened of the vacuum cleaner.

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