The Eye

DSCN2444This painting was created by applying acrylic paint to canvas and then glad wrap (cling wrap or cling film depending on where you are from) was laid over the wet paint and scrunched and folded so the paint gathered in the folds. The glad wrap was left on the painting until  (semi) dry and then peeled off.

I made this painting at a workshop and each student had fun seeing what shapes had been created at random. In my painting, there was the unmistakable shape of an eye which stared down at me at work for a number of years and then joined me at home when I retired.


8 Responses

  1. I just started using this technique for making backgrounds! I learned about it in a Cloth, Paper, Scissors book.

    • Yes, it is a great technique to play around with.

  2. Yes, Enivea, the bright colours give the painting lots of energy. The swirl of shapes add a sense of movement around the eye.

  3. An absolutely stunning image Margaret! Really invigorating!

  4. Oh, Margaret!! This is spectacular! I really love these colors, and I can’t help but think the “eye” is a message to all who see it. I am absolutely taken with this particular painting… it spoke to me immediately!

    • Thank you, Lori. I think the eye has a penetrating quality to it. It gazes steadily out from the chaos of colour and other shapes.

  5. Beautifully done, Margaret! I love the colors [and the eye of course!].

    • I am glad you like this painting, Marina. The technique used to make the painting creates unexpected results.

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