Gemma’s Rug

DSCN1651In my early fifties I discovered how calming knitting can be.

During a stressful time towards the end of my work life, I found the rhythmic movements of knitting soothed the inner woman. I had not knitted since my adolescence when I completed a hated school project. Having taken up the needles again, I have continued with simple projects. I make rugs which take a long time to complete which doesn’t matter as I am in no hurry.

I gave the rug featured here to my niece when she was a toddler. She was ambivalent about the gift as I had used a small amount of orange yarn – a colour she did not like. Apparently the orange outweighed all the pink I had included.

I used both knitting and crochet in the making of this rug.



6 Responses

  1. Beautiful work – it’s very lovely.

    I took up knitting again a few years ago and found it to be very meditative. I made many things and learned lots of new techniques. Photography has pushed knitting into the background at present but I would really like to make a rug like this. I would also like to learn quilting at some point.

    • Yes, Meanderer, It is impossible to do everything at the same time in life. Interests and new endeavours ebb and flow as dictated by circumstances.
      I think it is great to have a range of interests which can be returned to when the time is right.
      It is also exciting to look forward to learning something new – it creates a sense of pleasant anticipation.

  2. What a beautiful piece of work… and a lot of work I might add! I knitted as a young girl, and haven’t picked up my needles since. I suppose some day when I’m not as physically active as I am now, I will pick them up and create with yarn again. Oh, and I love the orange in this piece!

    • Thank you,Lori. I can appreciate if you are up at all hours checking on deer and other wild life including those for which you provide care, there is not a lot of time for activities such as knitting.

  3. Your timing has me smiling Margaret – another of life’s little twists…. I’ve just begun reading a book – read the review about it here :

    where the calming virtues of knitting are pointed out 🙂 Amongst other things of course…..
    I think the rug is wonderful, one of those things to can go onto to be an heirloom. The orange of course, is a great touch to prevent the pink from overwhelming it – but then again…. I’m not a pink person!

    • Thanks Enivea, I have read the review of ‘Knitting for Good’ and agree with the sentiments expressed.

      Your own posts featuring knitted articles you have made, provided the inspiration for my post.

      Your posts disclosed a love of working with yarn and I have come to appreciate the different qualities of fibres also – alpaca is hard to resist.

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