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Celebrating the Winter Solstice
June 28, 2013


Oh Joy! Oh Bliss!

Today is the Winter Solstice,

I turn from the spiral into darkness to embrace hope and the lightness of spirit the longer days bring.

Friday, the 21st of June 2013

Winter is usually a time of  psychological and physical struggle especially whilst I lived in Melbourne with its relentless grey days. In contrast to last year, this winter has been a doddle. My mood has been much more upbeat with Castlemaine’s sunny days and physically, I am faring better. There is still the coldest month of July ahead but I have made a good start. 

The winter solstice was celebrated in Belgrave in the Dandenong Ranges with its 7th annual lantern parade on the 22nd of June whilst in Castlemaine, there was the inaugural Village Winter Fair.


Coming Home
June 10, 2013


It was settlement day,

The keys were newly in my hands,

I entered the empty house stripped of its finery  by the previous owners and opened the rear glass door,

The buddleias in the garden were aflutter with butterflies,

Delicate perfume flowed into the living room

Followed by a butterfly

Welcoming me home.

I began moving into this house in Castlemaine on the 5th of April.  Living in Castlemaine has felt like a home coming.


My pets, Spotty, the dog and  the two cats, Arlo and Belle, have adapted readily to their new surroundings.




Charcoal Drawing: Numurkah
June 2, 2013


China blue sky,

The distant sounds of children at school,

Numurkah dreams in the warmth of the afternoon.

Thursday, 30th of April 2009

Numurkah is a small, rural town in northern Victoria. The land is irrigated to support fruit growing, dairying and grazing.