Pastel Drawing: Reflections

DSCN2380A golden ring of self containment and sufficiency

A fountain of life

Droplets rippling out, impacting on people in different ways

Calm, Serene

Water lilies reaching for light from the murky, muddy depths which nourish the roots.

A reminder that grief for one death can awaken past griefs for lost dreams, wounds, missed opportunities, disappointments, loss of others.

A reminder that our actions and words ripple out into the world we inhabit affecting others in ways observed and unobserved.

A reminder that our actions and words need to spring from a place of gratitude, compassion and love


If we can’t manage that,

At least a place of honesty and authenticity,

If we are to bring light and life to our world.

Thursday, 4th August 2011.

I drew this picture to honour Frances Folletta, the Volunteer Co-ordinator at Fernlea House, who died Wednesday, the 6th of July 2011.



4 Responses

  1. A really beautiful honouring Margaret. The pool of grief I feel simply enlarges the more time we spend on this Earth, the lesson is on how we manage it.
    Fernlea House seems a very worthy organisation, and I can see it would take a very special person to be involved.

    • Enivea, Grief is indeed challenging as we only grieve for those things we care about. Who wants to lose those aspects of our lives we love, cherish, admire, value or honour?

      We may recognise we need to let go of what has passed but the letting go can be a difficult time before we reach a place of acceptance.

  2. Margaret, this is absolutely beautiful all around! The pastel drawing reflects the true depth of heartfelt words. This post is a wonderful reminder of why we are here, and our gift to each other… and all of life.

    • Thanks Lori, I wrote this at a time when I was reflecting on the significance of Frances in my life.

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