Pastel Drawing: Orchids


The orchids on the window sill above  the sink make the task of washing up far more pleasurable.

I admire their waxy beauty, colours and forms.

The blooms last for weeks –

An eye magnet distracting me from those prosaic tasks which need doing,


there is always tomorrow.

23rd of November 2011



5 Responses

  1. I’ve been musing on the sight of the Queen, or is it bemused? 🙂 Yes, the findings you mentioned are what I have in various places also.

  2. A window sill above a sink should be a requirement in all homes! The perfect repository for African Violets, orchids and the like 🙂

    • Enivea, I am working on what objects are going to grace the kitchen window sill in my new home.

      Currently, I have a solar powered Queen Elizabeth waving her hand and some autumn leaves in a glass. When I unpack my collection of shells, bark,seed pods and rocks, some of those will be added.

  3. Margaret, this drawing is bright and cheery… soothing. We’ve had some glum days here and to me, this drawing brings hope and happiness for brighter days! Just lovely!!

    • Lori, I am glad this drawing brightened your day.

      We have had some gorgeous sunny, warm autumn days in Castlemaine over the past week. I am taking time to fully appreciate them before winter grey sets in.

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