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Pastel Drawing: Reflections
May 16, 2013

DSCN2380A golden ring of self containment and sufficiency

A fountain of life

Droplets rippling out, impacting on people in different ways

Calm, Serene

Water lilies reaching for light from the murky, muddy depths which nourish the roots.

A reminder that grief for one death can awaken past griefs for lost dreams, wounds, missed opportunities, disappointments, loss of others.

A reminder that our actions and words ripple out into the world we inhabit affecting others in ways observed and unobserved.

A reminder that our actions and words need to spring from a place of gratitude, compassion and love


If we can’t manage that,

At least a place of honesty and authenticity,

If we are to bring light and life to our world.

Thursday, 4th August 2011.

I drew this picture to honour Frances Folletta, the Volunteer Co-ordinator at Fernlea House, who died Wednesday, the 6th of July 2011.


Pastel Drawing: Orchids
May 7, 2013


The orchids on the window sill above  the sink make the task of washing up far more pleasurable.

I admire their waxy beauty, colours and forms.

The blooms last for weeks –

An eye magnet distracting me from those prosaic tasks which need doing,


there is always tomorrow.

23rd of November 2011