Pastel Drawing: On The Road To Yoga

DSCN2374On the road to yoga, I pass

The art shop

The splashing, historic fountain

The towering cathedral – also historic.

On the road to yoga,

My heart quickens as I crest Big Hill to view familiar hills and trees stretching away before me,

And it gladens as I pass through the eucalypt  tunnels and arches.

On the road to yoga, distant  Mt. Franklin sits in the centre of the windscreen as I approach the turn off to Castlemaine and Harcourt.

On the road to yoga, I follow the curve of the poplars and pass the shrouded vines,

Lanes with evocative names mark my journey as I climb from the lowlands to the central highlands –

Havelook Street

Pepper Tree Track

Limestone Track

Strawthorn R0ad.

On the road to yoga, I turn right when I am within sight of the Chocolate Mill

Home of the most delicious, dark chocolate covered licorice bullets on the planet.

On the road to yoga,

I observe the apples ripening on the tree growing beside the lane

And watch out for snakes as I bump along the track leading to the yoga studio.

Destination reached.

19th March, 2013

I attend a weekly Dru Yoga class on a rural property near Mt. Franklin. It is an hour’s drive from where I am currently living in Bendigo.

Mt. Franklin is an extinct volcano which dominates the surrounding countryside. It is close to Hepburn and Daylesford in Victoria’s central highlands.


This is the last post I will be publishing in Bendigo. When I am writing my next post, I will be living in Castlemaine.


6 Responses

  1. Your trip … at least, how you describe and illustrate it … if as relaxing as the yoga itself probably was. Beautiful, beautiful writing and artwork, as always! Hoping the move goes well.

    • Thank you Diane, I apologise for the delay in responding. I have been offline at home since early April as the process of obtaining an internet service in Castlemaine is somewhat protracted.

      The yoga class is very calming. I can arrive ill tempered and out of sorts but soon leave that behind as I immerse myself in the flow of the movements in the peaceful surrounds of the studio.

  2. I look forward to your next post from Castlemaine!! What a wonderful adventure you are on!

    Your artwork is beautiful. I was really drawn to the apples and the band of dry grasses that runs through the drawing. I can almost smell the scent of earth and tree bark, and feel the gentle breeze blowing. Lovely drawing Margaret!

    • It was the most beautiful afternoon to be out drawing, Lori. Crimson rosellas were snacking on apples at the top of the tree and a flock of goats in a nearby paddock wandered past to check on what I was doing.

      I harvested some apples that were within my reach. A week later the apples were gone. I think someone else had also been observing them ripening.

  3. Thank you Enivea. I got to sample some more of those dark chocolate covered licorice bullets over Easter – yum, yum.

    I am looking forward to the move to Castlemaine as I will be able to focus on getting myself established there.

  4. Thank you Margaret, for a lovely trip 🙂 Oh I do hope and trust your move goes smoothly, and that you’ve found the great place you need♥

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