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Charcoal drawing: Along The Spur Track
March 24, 2013


After the testing hot weather

The bush murmurs quietly in the grey, cool day.

Grey clouds float gently above

In no rush to go anywhere.

The belling of a White Throated Tree Creeper slices the silence.

The bush waits stoically for rain.

Maldon Historic Reserve, 18th March 2013

Maldon is a town near Castlemaine.


March 14, 2013


The quince tree has outlived

the house which has decayed and disappeared,

It has outlived the people who once lived there,

Surviving years of neglect with no-one to tend or water it.

The diggings are long abandoned

reduced to lumpy ground

The bush regrown.

My aunt, Anne, and I used to come here early mornings

Armed with binoculars and morning tea to bird watch

Honeyeaters, shuffle wings, wood swallows.

One lucky day we observed rainbow bee eaters snatch bees from the air as they made their way to and from their hives,

The birds sat on a barbed wire fence to disarm their prey before swallowing them.

Unlucky bee keeper.


Muckleford, 2nd March 2013

Muckleford is a rural district near Castlemaine