Pastel Drawing – A Fresh Start


New life springs from the ash of the scorching fire

Hope and optimism bloom

The burnt out stump crackles and smoulders

The last flames flicker

Timber glowers red

The circle of life begins anew.


28th February 2013


6 Responses

  1. What wonderful art Margaret… I love the symbolism in the roots depicted in the tree here.. “new life” ~ so evident in the imagery of the hearts sprouting out from the burnt out stump. All very touching and lovely for the viewer. To me speaks of ‘hope’ ~ Much Love and Blessings to you ~ Robyn

    • Thank you, Robyn Lee. I am glad you see hope in the drawing – the capacity to create something new from the setbacks in life.

  2. Such hopeful and empowering words and paste drawing! The colors in both can’t help but renew the spirit.

    • Yes Diane, I am in a good place right now. I am feeling optimistic about the move to Castlemaine in April and am enjoying the people I am meeting during my frequent visits.

  3. These words really moved me Margaret. I love this drawing! It leaves me with a feeling of finishing and letting go, and the promise of moving forth… blossoming with hope and the wonder of what springs forth. This is actually taking place in my life right now! Thank you for such an encouraging post at this time!

    • I am glad you connected so strongly with this post, Lori. Good luck with your fresh start.

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