Charcoal Drawing: River Activity


The River has been a hive of activity

Wind powered, muscle powered, motor powered craft

sailed, paddled and driven past my view.

The beach and water are now emptying

The breeze becoming brisker and cooler.

There are a few hardy souls

Wet suit clad in the river,

A child defies his grandmother who calls to him to come into shallower water,

The sea gulls watch bemused.

The  Barwon River, Barwon Heads, 16th January 2013 



8 Responses

  1. Beautiful, Margaret – I love the primative quality of your sketches and the descriptiveness of your verse!

    • Thank you, Diane. I find through drawing that my experience of being in a place is deepened and enriched.

  2. If seagulls could talk, imagine the things they would tell us! I love your sailboats – there’s something deeply soothing and refreshing about being out sailing or even watching sailboats or tall ships from the shore.

    • Yes Barbara, Like steam engines, wind powered craft have a special magic about them – they engage the imagination and our associations with sea travels of myth and legend.

      Sea gulls are great characters and there are times when they seem to take on the role of observers of human behaviour.

  3. Just beautiful… and serene, Margaret!

    • Lori, Being on or beside the river is very relaxing. The river sees a lot of action during the summer months with the influx of holiday makers such as myself.

      People enjoy the opportunity to unwind and just enjoy the sun, sand, wind and water.

  4. I love the sense of movement in this drawing and with your words added, I am almost there…….

    • Enivea, The beach at the mouth of the Barwon River is a great place to paddle when the tide is out. If swimming at the local surf beaches doesn’t appeal, it is the place to go.

      I was there when it was high tide so I watched the action from a sandy ledge.

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