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Pastel Drawing – A Fresh Start
February 28, 2013


New life springs from the ash of the scorching fire

Hope and optimism bloom

The burnt out stump crackles and smoulders

The last flames flicker

Timber glowers red

The circle of life begins anew.


28th February 2013

Charcoal Drawing: River Activity
February 20, 2013


The River has been a hive of activity

Wind powered, muscle powered, motor powered craft

sailed, paddled and driven past my view.

The beach and water are now emptying

The breeze becoming brisker and cooler.

There are a few hardy souls

Wet suit clad in the river,

A child defies his grandmother who calls to him to come into shallower water,

The sea gulls watch bemused.

The  Barwon River, Barwon Heads, 16th January 2013 


Charcoal Drawing – Pennyweight Flat Cemetery, Castlemaine
February 13, 2013


Victims of the harsh conditions of the goldfields,

They gaze out across the valley

where their parents sought their fortunes in the muds of Forest Creek.

As the cicadas whirr, I recall coming here with my Aunt Anne at dusk,

The biting wind whipping across the small hill,

Kangaroos emerging from the bush to feed on the greenery on the slopes leading down to the creek,

Rabbits darting about in long grass,

Chilled, we turned for home in the gathering gloom.


Pennyweight Flat Cemetery was in use between 1852 – 1857.

It is a rare example of a surviving Gold Rush cemetery.

The site was chosen because the burials would not be disturbed by the search for gold.  

A high proportion of the burials are children and babies.

200 people are buried there.

Pastel Drawing – Emotional Tides – 7th February 2013
February 7, 2013


I am at the mercy of the tides of my emotions

Flowing forward, I am full of optimism and hope,

With the ebb tide, despair and anxiety reign.

Deep primal fears well to the surface

Bursting loudly from my body.

This period of change is testing me to the utmost.

Will the butterfly fulfil its destiny?

Or fall broken, its flight cut short?


The Oak Forest
February 1, 2013

DSCN2342I look up through the layers of leaves and branches to the clear blue dome overhead,

An interplay of sunlight and shadow bewitch the eye as the leaves flutter,

The sun is gently warm on my skin,

I listen to the breeze, buzzing insects and birdcalls,

A butterfly hovers over dry leaves,


The Oak Forest, Mt Alexander, near Harcourt.

9th January 2013

The Oak Forest was planted in 1900 to provide tannin from acorns for local tanneries.