Across the rough ground

Amongst the grasping thorns

Is Sanctuary.

The air glows with a calm blueness,

The pool is quietly still.

There is an invitation to rest,

To make a temporary retreat

From the world’s demands,

And make the inward journey

To know my heart’s desire.

Friday, 28th December 2012



6 Responses

  1. Beautiful paintings and thoughts … drawing us into that inner peace that nature and our true essence offers. Lovely, really lovely!

    • Thank you Diane, I am glad you connected with the art and thoughts in this post.

  2. This is quite simply, a tranquil drawing. The colors are peaceful and inviting. This is why I spend time in the woodlands… blending in with nature and finding tranquility and sanctuary beneath the canopy of trees.

    • Lori, You are right about finding sanctuary beneath the canopy of trees. I recently spent time beneath the canopy of oak trees planted to supply tanneries in the early 1900s on the lower slopes of Mt. Alexander in Central Victoria. It was so calming sitting in the dappled shade observing the fluttering of the leaves in the breeze.

  3. This drawing conveys a real sense of peace, of coming to the centre. The world’s demands can always wait – our heart’s desire comes first 🙂

    • Enivea, thank you for your encouraging comments. I am spending time in a place of sanctuary most days at present.

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