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Charcoal Drawing: Broken Willow
January 24, 2013


The willow stands broken.

Its canopy is still dense and green,

New growth sprouting from its trunks.

A large raw scar marks where one trunk broke away –

Its leaves now skim the lake providing shelter for ducks and moorhens.

Castlemaine Botanical Gardens

8th January 2013 


View from Mei’s Room
January 10, 2013


Gazing through the window,

I contemplate a jumble of roofs poking through the trees.

Industrial buildings adorn a grassy hillside,

A TV aerial shoots up from a roof into the sky

Calling in the magic of television.

If I move my head, I can see the blue of Mt. Macedon floating in the distance.

Mei’s room, Preston

1st January 2013


January 6, 2013


Across the rough ground

Amongst the grasping thorns

Is Sanctuary.

The air glows with a calm blueness,

The pool is quietly still.

There is an invitation to rest,

To make a temporary retreat

From the world’s demands,

And make the inward journey

To know my heart’s desire.

Friday, 28th December 2012