Pastel drawing: The light in the darkness

Another drawing from my archives.

I made this drawing as part of a professional development workshop two or three years ago.

The drawing seems particularly relevant in my current situation as I seek to focus on the light when I have been beset by the thorns and monsters of my own self doubt, anxiety and fears in recent months.

This week, hope has been restored as help from an unexpected quarter has been offered.



8 Responses

  1. Shine on…

  2. I love your art and the focus on the light.

    • Yes, sometimes it is a challenge to focus on the light but, it is the way forward.

  3. Love the internal glowing focus of this pastel, Margaret. So glad you have found some healing. Blessings of the season and always.

    • Diane, Thank you for your well wishes and appreciation of the drawing.

  4. Lori, when I feel besieged either by my own frailties or external factors, I try to find the peace within. Yesterday evening I received a reiki healing which was great in bringing fresh insights into my current situation.

  5. I like the portrayal of thorns and monsters… enveloping the subject, yet the light radiates and fills us with a sense of peace. The soft, pastel colors are soothing!

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