Pastel Drawing: “I want to go home”, 11th December 2012

DSCN2322Today, I want to go home.

Translation: I want to return to the safe and familiar –

Familiar routines, familiar landmarks, familiar faces.

Now that the sale of my home in Ferntree Gully is finalised, I need to get serious about finding my new home.

I am daunted by this prospect yet I yearn for a place to call my own again.

Today, my heart is torn –

Torn between the promise of new growth and fears that it could all go horribly wrong.

I envy those who are confident and assured of their capacity to bring their plans to fruition.

Who regard buying a new home as the ultimate in shopping experiences.



6 Responses

  1. Splendid pastel, Margaret. Yes, I believe focusing on a plan that comes from one’s heart is the way to bring what we need. Wishes for the New Year to bring a home that will provide happiness and refuge and all that you need!

    • Diane, I am glad you enjoyed my drawing and thank you for your good wishes for a successful outcome in home hunting.

  2. Yes Lori, I am a lot happier this week as I focus on an emerging plan which allows me to follow my heart’s desire in securing a new home. I am now able to channel my energy and action in a definite direction.

  3. I love this “wagging tail” angle! What a wonderful thought to ponder! I too have difficulty adjusting to major changes. While daunting at times, major changes are often the catalysts to amazing progress and growth in our lives.

    I love these bright colors of red and green… as always, beautiful drawings!

  4. Yes, Enivea and Fred, I have been working on the wagging tail angle on the weekend – achieving a bit more clarity on my priorities.

    I also recognise I am a participant in the often painful process of adjusting to a major life change. My niece underwent a similar process in the transition from secondary school to university.

  5. How well I understand that yearning for home Margaret. Fred suggested this quote from Vasilios – “Fear is a response to future mind. If you had a tail, what would make it wag all the time?” Trust your inner guidance and find your home♥

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