The distinctive silhouette soared overhead on upswept wings

Fingered wingtips, wedge shaped tail,

I could feel my body responding with excitement – heart and breath quickening,

My spirit leapt from my body and flew to join the circling bird high against the sky

Free, untamed

Sky Spirit.

23rd April, 2012


I bathed in the warmth of the sun streaming through the car windows

Protected from the chill of the buffeting wind,

My ears filled with the sounds of the wind moving through the trees and across the tossing bracken,

The shadows of the clouds crossing the paddocks.

Bellbrae  – where eagles and yellow tailed black cockatoos fly.

25th April, 2012

Bellbrae is a rural area between Torquay and Anglesea on the Victorian coast.

The eagle is the Wedge-tailed Eagle, Australia’s largest bird of prey.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you John, I value being able to express moving experiences through words and making art and sharing them.

  2. Strong and moving words and art…

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Apologies, Lori, I did not realise I had overlooked your comment. I appreciate your words of praise.

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