Art Therapy: Drawing Anger

This drawing is definitely one from my archives.

I was being a case study for my friend who was studying the Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy at Phoenix Institute of Australia.

As part of the art therapy session, my friend requested I draw my anger. As the end of my career in the community sector drew near, I was feeling a mixture of anger, frustration and grief.

The drawing was made quickly and spontaneously. I was pleased with it. I knew the fire breathing, blood spitting, fanged monster well.

Representing emotions visually is a common art therapy exercise. The art therapist and client explore the drawing as a means of understanding the role the emotion has in the life of the client.


7 Responses

  1. Way to go gal – make friends with this monster and it will become an ally…

    • John, we get mixed messages about expressing anger. Some people see the expression of anger as a negative only – a disturbance to the balanced, peaceful mind which we need to cultivate whilst others are more tolerant acknowledging anger as a legitimate emotion which can be expressed and acted upon constructively or destructively.

      As for me, it is legitimate to feel and express anger. It is how we express anger and what we do with our anger which is important. People have banded together and brought about significant change because they have got angry about something and channeled that emotion constructively.

      • Right on Margaret…

  2. Margaret… I LOVE this!! Oh, my goodness! A brilliant, bold display of emotion… and it speaks mountains! I feel the explosion of frustration and imminent anger… well done, my friend.

    • Yes, the beauty of art therapy is I can really let it rip. There is no judgement about the emotion of anger. The emotion is what it is.

  3. Yes, I can see the power in those bold strokes, a real force behind them. No soft pinks and lavenders here! 🙂

    • Enevea, Thank you for your interest. The power of art therapy lies in the process of making the drawing. In this case, I was free to draw angrily.

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