Charcoal Drawing: The Downs of Change

Messrs. Fear and Anxiety, my old friends, why are you visiting now?

Here I am pursuing my next adventure full of confidence and excitement

When you decide to remind me of my vulnerability and deep seated insecurities

Giving me a sharp reality check

Gnawing away at my belly

Robbing me of rest, peace of mind and my appetite.

I know when I set the right course,

You will release your grip and depart.

And I can get on with it.

I have sold the house where I have lived for 25 years and am in the process of packing up and moving to Central Victoria. Last week, it all became too real and I have been dealing with a sick, anxious stomach. Some things never seem to change. 

My internal landscape over the past week – not good!


6 Responses

  1. Margaret, be good to yourself and give your body and spirit what it needs to carry you through this challenge. Take a little time to nurture yourself… it will all come together for the good. It’s just never easy to reckon with these old friends when they show up. Soon they will go on their way as they always do!

    • I appreciate your comments, Lori. I have certainly been nurtured today with a leisurely lunch and relax in the sun with three supportive friends. Good company and good food – very nurturing!

  2. Congrats Margaret, on taking on the challenge! Wow! Of course there will be birthing pains, and perhaps some blood sweat and tears, but you’ll be rewarded with fresh horizons. Remember, I moved 700kms, but eventually found my Nirvana. May you also♥

    • Thank you Enivea. I have admired your ability to weather a rapid series of moves and the uncertainty which have attended them. I hope your current location is long term and it continues to be Nirvana. Sally, Fred and Frank seem to have given their new home their stamp of approval.

  3. We love you Margaret and wish you well in your transition. Perhaps the knawing in your stomach is also due to the fact that your are being stretched so far. No growth or progress comes without many feelings like that and can be a good confirmation that you are not stagnating and are in fact moving forward to the new. The universe will support you to the utmost and I send you my blessings too.
    Lots of love and hugs. xxx ooo

    • Thank you, Lynette. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

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