Broken Creek, Numurkah

A glorious day!

The coot bob on the water honking to each other

The warm sun dapples the river

The green aquatic plants glow

How blessed am I!

Broken Creek, Numurkah, 30th April 2009 

The Eurasian Coot is a small water bird common in Australia.

The first picture was drawn with soft pastels. The second picture is based on the same river scene. It combines knitting and painting.


7 Responses

  1. How very interesting and nice. Knitting and painting combined is new to me, I like to see what you do with it. Exciting.

    • Thank you Bente, I enjoyed knitting using various types of yarns, sticking the piece on canvas and then painting to complete the picture. During the process, I was guided by a very experienced tutor.

  2. Thank you Enivea, I like the fact that art can be made from all kinds of materials – leading to experimentation and play.

  3. I love the idea of combining mediums! Very effective 🙂

  4. Margaret, your artwork is very intriguing and unique.. i look forward to enjoying your future posts.

    • Thank you, Valeen. I appreciate you taking the time to explore my blog.

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