Mosaic: Mirror Fish

Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art offers mosaic workshops as part of her program. They are very popular and book out early. I will only be able to participate in the October workshop if someone cancels.

I find mosaicing challenging but very satisfying. I love working with the beautiful glass and mirror tiles.

The fish and mirrors I have made and which adorn my home give me great pleasure.

This fish is mainly mirror and black tiles with silver, gold and pale grey touches.

Additional colour is provided by reflections.


6 Responses

  1. Thank you, Eremophila. It is good to see you back on deck again.

  2. A truly gorgeous fish!!

  3. I can imagine that the light reflected from these creations might be absolutely wonderful… Using light in constructive ways is indeed an art… healing us as we step outside ourselves into light…and understanding…

    • I like your comment, Merrill. It is interesting that you associate light with healing. One of the meditation themes, I use focuses on using light to nurture and heal.

  4. hey margaret!
    thanks for stopping by and spending so much time with my art! i’m honored that you like it, and i am impressed with what i see and read here on your blog. you are an obvious giver, and it appears you get a lot of energy back from your clients, which you convert into art. that seems like a very positive way to transfer that energy after your sessions!
    about ten years ago i began having arthritic pain in my hands, and each week it got worse. on a whim i eliminated potatoes from my diet, and that was all that was needed to reverse the symptoms and i continue to be pain free. i eat a few potatoes now and then with no harm.. as long as they’re not in my daily diet. i hope that you might find the trigger as well.

    i’m presently staying at the museum where the final show is in bahia de caraquez.. by mid august, i’ll be home for the first time in two months, and i look forward to having catch-up reading time.

    sign me up! i look forward to your posts and art!

    lisa Z

    • Hi Lisa, I am glad you liked what you saw on my blog. Thank you for sharing your experience of what helped with the arthritis in your hands. May you continue to be pain free! And continued success with your exhibition.

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