Reiki Awareness: 14th May 2012

Over the years I have had a variety of experiences during reiki sessions with clients.

Most often, I feel a deep sense of connection with the client where we are being held in a bubble of healing.

I may feel strong energy, tingling energy, painful energy or no sensation at all.

I have felt energy in my hands, back, chest, feet and head.

There may be imagery, colours, sounds or a sense of being joined by an unseen presence.

I may tune in to the emotions of the person or be completely oblivious.

I am open to whatever experiences occur during a healing.

Allow and observe.

This drawing was inspired by imagery experienced during a reiki healing.


2 Responses

  1. I love your explanation and image of your Reiki experience as a practitioner. I have received Reiki many times and my understanding is that it is quite a moving experience for the practitioner as well. What a beautiful healing practice it is.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jackie. I am glad to hear you have also appreciated your experiences of reiki healings.

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