Charcoal Drawing: Point Addis

I carefully pick my way down the steep stairs onto the beach.

My eye is attracted by the dune vegetation meeting the rocky bluff with its wind shorn trees.

The silvery grasses of the dune contrast with the dark skeletons of branches and roots picked bare by the wind.

The rolling waves roar onto the beach.

A line of surfers – their white boards held against their black wet suits – wend their way back up the bluff.

Point Addis Beach, 21st of April 2012

The sun is warm

Dark clouds lurk

A particularly impressive one glowers at me.

Showers drift across further out to sea.

Will I need to depart in a hurry if I don’t want to get wet?

A falcon on a distant cliff maintains its vigilance.

The beach is now deserted

No walkers have passed

I am complete in my solitude.

Iron Bark Track Lookout, Point Addis, 26th April 2012

 Earlier in my walk, I had been showered with the downey feathers of  a bird which the falcon had attacked. Unfortunately for the falcon, its prey escaped.

Point Addis is located between the towns of Torquay and Anglesea on Victoria’s Surf Coast.


6 Responses

  1. I love the expression in your drawings and the poetic explanation of your experience there. I could feel the environment and the moments with you. Very nice!

    • Thank you Sheri. I find taking the time to make a drawing enables me to really engage with the experience of being in a place.

      • I missed this comment until now. So glad I came across it. I know that feeling of creating a sketch or painting in a moment at a place. I used to paint at the arboretum or the flowers on my mother’s porch in summer. You feel the plants and the day in a whole different way. I will also always remember the irises in my grandma’s garden when I was 11 for the same reason, and she kept that pastel drawing for years and remembered that day too. Thanks for helping me remember that pleasure.

  2. Thank you for exploring my blog and for your many Likes. I have looked a little way into your site and relate to your words, poems and drawings. I once took a year long intro course in Art Therapy so I understand where you are coming from – keep up the good and creative work you are doing…

    • Thank you, John for your interest and encouragement.

      • You are so welcome…

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