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Mosaic: Mirror Fish
July 28, 2012

Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art offers mosaic workshops as part of her program. They are very popular and book out early. I will only be able to participate in the October workshop if someone cancels.

I find mosaicing challenging but very satisfying. I love working with the beautiful glass and mirror tiles.

The fish and mirrors I have made and which adorn my home give me great pleasure.

This fish is mainly mirror and black tiles with silver, gold and pale grey touches.

Additional colour is provided by reflections.

In Memory
July 24, 2012

The Glory of Life is Love

The Glory of Life is not that it endures forever,

 but that, for a time,

it includes so much that is beautiful.

It is a tree to those who grasp it,

and happy are all who retain it.

Its ways are ways of pleasantness,

and all its paths are peaceful.

We do not demand that the flower shall never die,

nor that the song shall never end.

Nor would we be angry with life because one day its beauty will be dust,

its music silent, and all its laughter and tears forgotten.

Life, the reality, is ours: we would shape it as nobly as we can.

We will not linger, like timid sailors in port,

but will live dangerously, devoting ourselves with vigour

to what seems to us good, beautiful and true.

The Glory of  Life is Love. Unending.

This reading formed part of the Fernlea House commemorative celebration held on the 8th of July 2012 to honour the memory of those guests, staff and family members who had died over the past 12 months. 

I dedicate this reading to the memory of my aunt, Anne, who died of cancer on the 16th of July 2012.

 Anne and I took great pleasure in wandering around gardens which opened during the Festival of Gardens held every two years in and around Castlemaine.

We lingered and admired the gardens lovingly created by their owners,

We sniffed perfumed blooms and picked dead heads from the irises,

We sat on garden seats, gazing dreamily into the distance deep in contemplation,

We chatted to the owners, patted their cats, dogs and alpacas and startled the goldfish,

We sipped cups of tea and sampled scones and slices.

Anne’s day was not complete until she returned to the car laden with the plants she had purchased.

Reiki Awareness: 14th May 2012
July 8, 2012

Over the years I have had a variety of experiences during reiki sessions with clients.

Most often, I feel a deep sense of connection with the client where we are being held in a bubble of healing.

I may feel strong energy, tingling energy, painful energy or no sensation at all.

I have felt energy in my hands, back, chest, feet and head.

There may be imagery, colours, sounds or a sense of being joined by an unseen presence.

I may tune in to the emotions of the person or be completely oblivious.

I am open to whatever experiences occur during a healing.

Allow and observe.

This drawing was inspired by imagery experienced during a reiki healing.

Charcoal Drawing: Point Addis
July 1, 2012

I carefully pick my way down the steep stairs onto the beach.

My eye is attracted by the dune vegetation meeting the rocky bluff with its wind shorn trees.

The silvery grasses of the dune contrast with the dark skeletons of branches and roots picked bare by the wind.

The rolling waves roar onto the beach.

A line of surfers – their white boards held against their black wet suits – wend their way back up the bluff.

Point Addis Beach, 21st of April 2012

The sun is warm

Dark clouds lurk

A particularly impressive one glowers at me.

Showers drift across further out to sea.

Will I need to depart in a hurry if I don’t want to get wet?

A falcon on a distant cliff maintains its vigilance.

The beach is now deserted

No walkers have passed

I am complete in my solitude.

Iron Bark Track Lookout, Point Addis, 26th April 2012

 Earlier in my walk, I had been showered with the downey feathers of  a bird which the falcon had attacked. Unfortunately for the falcon, its prey escaped.

Point Addis is located between the towns of Torquay and Anglesea on Victoria’s Surf Coast.