Reiki Hands: 4th June 2012

These small, fat hands are my hands

Arthritis affected they are still offered in service to others.

These hands can:

touch, pat and stroke


tend my jungle of a garden

draw, paint, dye textiles, crochet and knit

sound healing bowls

hold onto and let go.

This drawing is inspired by imagery experienced during a reiki healing.


6 Responses

  1. I am glad you visited Robyn Lee and thank you for your appreciation.

  2. So beautiful Margaret…. your hands are perfect… and the gifts they offer magnificent. Thank you! ~Robyn

  3. beautiful, I love the stars.

    • Thank you, Jackie. It was a leap of faith making this drawing as I do not normally include stars but for a brief period, they were appearing in imagery experienced during reiki healings.

  4. We have the same hands?

    • Interesting question, Genie. In this post, I was responding to how my hands are offered in the service of reiki and the importance of my hands to me. Whilst each of us will associate different things with our hands, I guess as reiki channels, we all work in the service of reiki through our hands.

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