Collage: May Jewel Days

Melbourne is defying the gathering gloom of dreary winter.

Blessed by May jewel days.

The sky – clear, china blue,

The sun – gold and mellow,

The breeze – gentle and warm,

Everything sparkly in the bright, clear light.

Short sleeves in May – oh, yeah!

My spirit is singing.

10th of May, 2012


11 Responses

  1. Thank you Robyn Lee. I enjoyed working with the different materials.

  2. Stunning work Margaret… really special and enlivens the senses!

  3. Wow, this piece is gorgeous! it has really brightened my cold winters day 🙂

    • Thank you Kelly. We are both facing the grey and cold of winter. My July antidote is the Tour de France. I love sitting by the fire watching the sunny fields of sunflowers go by whilst it is dark and raining outside.

      • That sounds lovely, maybe I will try that too 🙂

  4. These are very special pieces….with lots of good vibrations…nice work!

  5. How pretty and vibrant! I love the blues and golds!

    • Thank you Meanderer. I wanted to create a picture as sparkly as I felt on that May day.

  6. These capture the beginning of spring and the bright change it brings. I would like to hear about the process you used to create these. Very nice!

    • Hi Trish, It is interesting to receive your response from a Northern Hemisphere perspective. Late autumn in Melbourne can bring gorgeous days which bring relief from the increasing number of grey, cold days as winter approaches.

      The materials I used in the picture are chocolate and easter egg wrappers, crepe paper, semi transparent wrapping from bunches of flowers, hand decorated textured paper, cellophane, glittery card purchased from a scrap booking shop, ribbon, feathers, glitter, glitter glue, beads and sequins. The image of the sun came from a greeting card.

      There was no preplanning. I began with the image of the sun, building up the background with the opaque materials, then applied the semitransparent and transparent materials. The pieces of ribbon with the hearts and feathers came next. The picture was finished with the glitter, glitter glue and sequins and beads. Materials were added as my ideas developed as the picture progressed.

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