Collage: Autumn

Walking this morning

A street mourning the loss of its trees

A chain saw cuts the bodies of the fallen.

I scavenge some of the bark – art materials can be found anywhere.

Further along, another street

Deep in thought, I am oblivious to what lies under my feet.

Suddenly, my senses kick in and I become aware of the multi-coloured carpet I am standing on.

Red, yellow, orange – the autumn leaves glow in the grey light.

After the stresses and strains of a dry, hot summer, the trees shout in triumph:

‘We have survived!! We now prepare to rest.’

9th May, 2009


4 Responses

  1. Lovely, Margaret! You are very talented with a lovely spirit that shines through!

  2. Thank you, Diane. Some of the bark from the fallen trees has been included in the collage.

  3. Love your collages Margaret. Beautiful colors! Thanks for visiting my umble blog.

    • Thank you Liliane. Making the collages gave me a lot of pleasure and it was a pleasure visiting your blog.

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