Charcoal Drawing: Water Lily

I sit before the pond

The water lilies stiffly resplendent in white and deep rose pink.

The more I gaze, the more detail is revealed

How do I capture their essence using burnt bits of  stick?

The extra thick willow charcoal I purchased recently does not pretend to be anything other than burnt bits of stick complete with knot holes.

Some other pieces of charcoal I use are thin and refined with a brand name stamped on them – disguising their origins.

Not this new lot.

Humans have been making marks with charcoal for millennia.

I continue the tradition.

3rd December 2009


2 Responses

  1. Lovely freeflowing drawing, Margaret. And your writing is a lyrical reflection on it. Thank you for visiting my blog recently and giving me the pleasure of ‘finding’ yours! I will be back!

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