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Collage: May Jewel Days
May 25, 2012

Melbourne is defying the gathering gloom of dreary winter.

Blessed by May jewel days.

The sky – clear, china blue,

The sun – gold and mellow,

The breeze – gentle and warm,

Everything sparkly in the bright, clear light.

Short sleeves in May – oh, yeah!

My spirit is singing.

10th of May, 2012

Collage: Autumn
May 19, 2012

Walking this morning

A street mourning the loss of its trees

A chain saw cuts the bodies of the fallen.

I scavenge some of the bark – art materials can be found anywhere.

Further along, another street

Deep in thought, I am oblivious to what lies under my feet.

Suddenly, my senses kick in and I become aware of the multi-coloured carpet I am standing on.

Red, yellow, orange – the autumn leaves glow in the grey light.

After the stresses and strains of a dry, hot summer, the trees shout in triumph:

‘We have survived!! We now prepare to rest.’

9th May, 2009

Mask Making: Fire
May 13, 2012

The inspiration for the making of this mask was the Black Saturday bushfires on the 7th of February 2009.

 173 people died in the fires and the township of Marysville was destroyed with other small communities in the Shire of Murrindindi being devastated.

400 fires raged in the State of Victoria for 3 weeks before it began to rain.

It was a tense time for the communities in the Dandenong Ranges close to where I live. Fires threatened Upper Ferntree Gully, Upwey and South Belgrave.

Smoke drifted through the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

These fires came at the end of years of drought in South Eastern Australia.

I have covered the mask with torn fragments of articles collected from the local newspaper during the last fire season. I singed the paper before tearing and applying the pieces to the mask.

The mask is covered with fragments of headlines, flames, smoke, burnt trees and firefighters as well as ash.

Charcoal Drawing: Water Lily
May 5, 2012

I sit before the pond

The water lilies stiffly resplendent in white and deep rose pink.

The more I gaze, the more detail is revealed

How do I capture their essence using burnt bits of  stick?

The extra thick willow charcoal I purchased recently does not pretend to be anything other than burnt bits of stick complete with knot holes.

Some other pieces of charcoal I use are thin and refined with a brand name stamped on them – disguising their origins.

Not this new lot.

Humans have been making marks with charcoal for millennia.

I continue the tradition.

3rd December 2009