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Mask Making: Earth
April 16, 2012

As  I was making this mask,  I was thinking of the impact made on the earth by the thousands of diggers seeking their fortune on the goldfields around  Castlemaine during the mid to late  1800s.

The earth was denuded of its tree cover, dug over, tunnelled, trampled, pounded, ripped, reshaped, piled, dumped, washed and sieved.

I have given the mask the rough textures of the rocky, clay soil, the colours observed in the roadside cuttings and added the glint of gold.

Bah!! Pooh!! – Diabetes
April 9, 2012

I am cranky and crabby.

A wild, wet day  – so cold the heater is on.

Sorting through and filing papers

Throwing out what I don’t need

Reading articles in “Conquest”

Diabetes – bah!! pooh!!

Eat less, exercise  more

All these other things that can be wrong with me – sleep apneoa, vitamin D deficiency, calcium deficiency

No worries – take this supplement, take that supplement.

I am a pot of gold for the pharmaceuticals industry.

22nd of November 2008

In Melbourne, November is late spring so it had no right to be so cold!

“Conquest” is a magazine published by Diabetes Australia.

This is how I have felt for most of today.

Yesterday, I visited the Endocronologist.

Things went relatively well until the vexed question of my weight came up.

The Endo keen that I reach the ‘correct’ weight – whatever that may be.

I know I don’t want to participate in this conversation.  The anger and resentment of having diabetes rushes to the surface.

I leave enraged.

That evening, a minor incident triggers a melt down – sobbing and tears – then sadness, hopelessness and despair which infuse my mood today.

A deeper vulnerability has been touched: never being good enough.

 My body is never good enough: not tall enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough.

4th March 2011

Thompson’s Beach, Cobram
April 2, 2012

The corellas wheel overhead

Screeching, calling – a riot of sound.

A man wanders along the beach, communing with the River.

My stomach is replete with lunch.

29th of April 2009

It is a pleasure coming here again.

It is a lovely park.

My eye was taken by the patterns made by shadows and leaf litter on the ground.

The corellas are busy nipping off foliage – littering the ground.

The simple desire to capture an avenue of trees leading down to the River absorbs a couple of hours easily.

6th of April 2011

Cobram is a small town on the River Murray which forms the border between the states of Victoria and New South Wales.

The Little Corella is a small white cockatoo which forms large, noisy flocks.