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Sound Meditation 13th March 2012: A Tranquil Place
March 26, 2012

Our eyes are fixed on the ground a couple of paces ahead.

Walking with mindfulness, we slowly raise one foot – breathe in

Slowly, with care, we place the foot back on the ground slightly ahead – breathe out

We raise the other foot – breathe in

Placing the foot – breathe out.

Peace and calm descend on the group as we pace towards an inner haven.

Settling into our meditation positions, we continue the journey with our imaginations entering the place where tranquility resides

Our own personal, private place of peace and rest.

We engage our senses to fully experience the waterfall, the ferny gully, the floating weightless in the airy blue.

The vibrations of the bowls hold each of us in these places.

Refreshed, we return.

Sound Meditation: Stepping Into The Mandala, 28th February 2012
March 14, 2012

We gaze at our chosen images of a mandala

In silence, in contemplation

Taking in the details, impressions, associations.

Having observed the mandala from above, we step into our mandalas.

As the bowls toll, we explore the space within, going deeper and deeper.

Within my mandala is a small, dark lake hemmed in by a circle of trees.

The lake pulsates with energy.

Beneath the lake’s surface, the golden energy within its depths rises and cascades forth above and beyond the trees

Illuminating the landscape beyond.

Within darkness, there is light.

Feeding My Soul
March 7, 2012

At last  I allowed myself to fulfill my promise of spending time out drawing – feeding my soul.

I have been so tied up with trying to progress the practicalities of my life, organising just being in this world

that I kept finding ‘reasons’ to not do what I needed to sustain my whole being.

It has been wonderful sitting here  – being mozzie bait – engaged with the surrounding forest,

Being observed by curious magpies, clearly disappointed I was not forthcoming with food

Listening to the sounds of the forest as a gentle breeze moves through the foliage creating a soft movement and a great sense of peace. 

Sherbrooke Forest, Dandenong Ranges – 16th March 2011