Sound Meditation 21st February 2012: Healing White Light

The first session for 2012

The five women arrive.

One is a meditation novice – brave woman!

As the meditation begins,  the women settle into their chairs and yoga mats.

Bringing our attention to our breath, we enter the meditation space –

Our minds focussed on the here and now

Allowing distracting thoughts to drift by.

With the inward breath, we breathe in calm, relaxation, peace

With the outward breath, we breathe out those things not needed right now.

We breathe in a healing, white light gradually allowing it to fill our bodies.

My heart expands, my chest alive with energy interacting with the vibrations of the healing bowls.

We expand the white light to encase our bodies and unite the group with the shared purpose of peace and healing.

Awareness gradually returns to our everyday waking state.

The woman suffering from a back injury comments ‘I was a block of ice when I arrived, now I am  water.’


2 Responses

  1. What a wonderful description!

    • Thank you Thomas

      I appreciate you took the time to read my post.



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