Making Art: Poems By Sandy Jeffs

This post features art I have made in response to poems by Sandy Jeffs.

Through her poetry, Sandy expresses her experiences as a woman living with the mental illness, schizophrenia.

I am desperate to purge this noise,

but the night encroaches

and I am lost to the voices in the dark.’

Excerpt from ‘Voices in the Dark’, Poems from the Madhouse

 ‘Here we sail away with the wind in our hair,

and as we are the Ship of  Fools, we embark

on a journey to all asylums through all the ages

where we meet with Fools and Jesters who show us the way.

Excerpt from ‘Asylum’, Poems from the Madhouse

‘And those eyes!

 Those glazed, crazed eyes

which stare 

and are unremitting.’

Excerpt from ‘Julian’ , Poems from the Madhouse

‘I wander bleary eyed

disbelieving the things I see

dragging in and out

of abandoned buildings’

Excerpt from ‘The Wanderer’, The Wings of Angels, A memoir of madness

‘and she is the untamed dark wood

haunted by spectres of cheerless souls.

She is a dank forest

abundant with clinging vines.’

Excerpt from ‘The Untamed Dark Wood’, The Wings of Angels, A memoir of madness


2 Responses

  1. This art, paired with the poetry, has a significance that resonates in the spirit. Schizophrenia is powerful, and creative, but it is so devastating to the family and friends of those who suffer from it. I celebrate you for trying this.

    • Thank you for your comment, Thomas

      Sandy writes very powerfully of her life and experiences.

      She is a remarkable woman.


      Margaret Griffin

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