Inspirational Beads – Sunday, 27th November 2011

‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society which honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.’ – Albert Einstein

The Beads

The Beads

The Resource Rosary:

The women sit, silent, their heads bowed over the question for which they are seeking inspiration and clarity.

The words come – tumbling out, rushing forward, slowly, painfully.

Each word is recorded without judgement or censure. Acceptance is the discipline.

There are words which really hit home and those which are a mystery.

A bead for each word is selected and added to the cord creating an object for meditation or contemplation.

The final word comes, the cord is knotted. It is done.

My Resource Rosary

My Resource Rosary

The Blessings Brooch:

Blessings for Christine – hope, love, courage, adventure,peace, good health.

Blessings for Christine

Blessings for Christine

The Inspirational Beads workshop was conducted by Ann Bidstrup of Heart Art.


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